• Reduced errors in the assembly process with real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Improved production quality and efficiency due to boosted productivity and eliminating incomplete assemblies.

A multinational household appliances company faced the challenge of accurate and efficient assembly due to the repetitive nature of screw assembly. Sensfix provided a solution to alert employees immediately if a step is missed, allowing for immediate correction and improved productivity and quality. The solution is based on theSens-Facility suite, integrated with CCTV cameras to monitor assembly in real-time.

The Challenge

A multinational household appliances manufacturer was struggling with the efficiency and accuracy of a specific four-step screw assembly during the production of one of its appliances on the assembly line. The repetitive and monotonous nature of the screw assembly task was leading to employee fatigue, which increased the likelihood of errors, omissions, and faulty assemblies impacting the quality of the production process.

The appliance manufacturer needed a way to improve efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity in the assembly processes by specifically addressing the screw assembly issue..

The Solution

Sensfix worked with the appliance manufacturer to tailor the Sens-Facility suite to address the issue of employees forgetting to install and tighten the screw assembly. Sensfix integrated strategically placed CCTV cameras into the assembly facility to monitor the service personnel’s work. The solution analyzes the live assembly video in real-time while comparing it to the required steps. The Sens-Facility suite platform could then automatically identify instances where a step is missed or overlooked. Upon detecting such occurrences, the system promptly alerts the person doing the assembly enabling the employee to quickly return to the missed step, complete it, and then proceed to the next task.