• The utilization of CCTV cameras enables accurate gauging of the distance between employees and forklifts, thereby mitigating human errors and proactively predicting potential collisions. 
  • Automated actions enable rapid proactive responses, eliminating the need for manual intervention and ensuring high reliability in near-real-time scenarios.
  • The solution’s reliability stems from its lack of human involvement, ensuring a seamless process with no intermediary tasks that could introduce errors or delays.

The client faced a forklift safety challenge requiring immediate attention. They had implemented tracking chips for employees and forklifts but this approach had significant limitations. Sensfix introduced  the Sens-Facility suite, integrating with existing CCTV cameras and utilizing Sens-Data for video feed ingestion, Sens-AI for hazard detection, and Sens-Rule Engine for alerts. The integration of cameras enhances safety by accurately monitoring proximity and enabling proactive intervention, eliminating human errors, and ensuring rapid responses without manual intervention.

The Challenge

The client was confronted with a significant challenge pertaining to forklift safety within their operational unit, necessitating immediate attention and interventions to mitigate risks and ensure a safe working environment. To combat the issue, they were using tracking chips. Within the facility, both employees and forklifts were equipped with tracking chips to facilitate their precise location identification. A designated individual stationed in the control room assumed the responsibility of monitoring the proximity between forklifts and employees. When the tracking chips indicated excessive proximity, an alert would automatically be generated to ensure appropriate action to be taken. While the solution of using tracking chips for employees and forklifts and monitoring their proximity in a control room can enhance safety to a degree, it had significant limitations. Factors such as signal interference, accuracy of tracking chips, false alerts, and dependency on human monitoring  impact its effectiveness and reliability.

The Solution

Sensfix implemented a holistic solution to more effectively tackle the obstacles encountered by the client. The integration of CCTV cameras was introduced to monitor the facility, providing surveillance over both employees and forklifts. Cameras provide real-time visual monitoring of forklifts and employees, allowing immediate identification of potential hazards and enabling proactive intervention to ensure safety. The solution was implemented through the Sens-Facility Suite, a robust service management platform. This comprehensive platform enables the direct integration of video feeds from the facility’s existing cameras, offering improved accessibility and convenience for monitoring purposes. The accompanying application analyzes the video feed, utilizing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to detect potential hazards and enhance overall safety. In cases where a hazard is identified, the system promptly alerts the facility manager and raises an alarm, if necessary. Ultimately, this implemenation significantly elevated the overall safety standards within the facility.