• Efficient, digitized and automated service processes to replace manual legacy service.
  • Automated preventive maintenance scheduling to avoid downtime
  • Remote assist capabilities for technicians fixing assets
  • Auto ticketing and intelligent dispatching to speed up problem resolution

The Challenge

A leading European lighting system manufacturer was using a highly manual and inefficient maintenance process to service its lighting systems. When a customer’s lighting system would require service, they would have to call customer service who would then open a ticket in the manufacturer’s ticketing software. That ticket would then initiate a inefficient series of manual and semi-automated processes to complete the service. The manufacturer knew it needed to automate service, starting with lighting systems that could self-report issues and launch tickets on their own.

The Solution

Sensfix first integrated its Sens-facility suite with the manufacturer’s software systems and devices at customer sites in order to capture lighting system data and metadata. Sensfix can now receive and analyze predictive maintenance data coming directly from lighting systems and convert that into specific service actions. At the same time, through stakeholder specific web and mobile apps, all operations & maintenance stakeholders receive maintenance schedules and analytics in real-time.

Once it is determined that service is required, Sensfix automatically launches a ticket, schedules the best service professional (based on availability, skills, and prioritization), informs all stakeholders via a chatbot—including the office owner, office manager, manufacturer, distributor, installer, system integrator. Upon service scheduling, Sensfix guides service technicians via the mobile app through every step of the maintenance process until the job is completed and the ticket is closed.

With Sensfix, the team can manage lighting system operations and maintenance, view performance metrics, and evaluate sustainability from a single interface that delivers new experiences to end users, new insights to service technicians, and fulfills the company’s vision for connected maintenance with remote assistance.