Moving from disparate legacy systems to one integrated platform for all facility management has improved efficiency and quality of service


  • Streamlined problem reporting enables faster issue resolution.
  • Direct communication between tenants or employees and service technicians enhances communication.
  • Real-time complaint analysis with AI assistance improves speed and service quality.
  • Dashboards allow the facility manager to monitor the entire service process to ensure efficiency and resolution.

The Challenge

A facility in the southern San Francisco Bay Area was faced with inefficiencies in its facility management process due to a lack of integration among legacy systems that included Workspeed for ticketing and Rain Bird for irrigation.. The facility featured multiple office buildings, parking, and an array of other amenities and the facility team was struggling to keep up with issues such as broken equipment, spills, leaks, and security concerns.

They needed one maintenance platform with AI-driven complaint handling, technician allocation, and real-time monitoring in order to speed up task resolution and enhance service quality and operational efficiency.

The Solution

Sensfix partnered with the facility team to implement its flagship product the Sens-Facility Suite, which offered key functionality the facility customer required. The solution included:

  • The Sens-Citizen app: Allows citizens or workers to easily submit complaints about issues they encounter, directly from their mobile devices. Users can take photos of the problem and submit the complaint through the app.
  • Sens-AI: An artificial intelligence chatbot integrated into the Sens-Citizen app that analyzes and responds to complaints. Sens-AI provides automated feedback or suggestions based on the nature of the issue reported.
  • The Sens-Service app: Service management app that includes technician scheduling and dispatching the right technology to fix a reported problem. Technicians can also initiate a chat with the person who submitted an issue to discuss it further.

After achieving positive results with an initial implementation, the facility team moved forward with a full rollout for Sensfix to run their facility management operations.