Case Study: Original Equipment Manufacturer

Life-time warranty of manufactured goods on Sensfix

Our customer is a leading European manufacturer of lighting systems. Their light fittings are used worldwide in — offices, administrative buildings, schools, universities, shopping malls, clinics, hospitals, airports, railway stations, banks, financial institutions, streets, squares, parks, pedestrian zones, private living and working areas.


As of today, when customer’s lighting systems break-down or need maintenance at end-user’s locations, it goes through the traditional route. End users call up a hotline number, customer service personnel open up a ticket in the ticketing software which then triggers the service chain laden with various manual and semi-automatic procedures. Customer wanted their enterprise Lighting system to launch a ticket by itself, schedule a designated service professional by itself (looking into the calendar of the nearest, preferable service person and choosing an earliest time slot possible without having to displace an already scheduled task with a higher priority higher), intimate all stakeholders on a chatbot — office owner, office manager, manufacturer, distributor, installer, system integrator etc. and close the ticket and archive it once the repair & maintenance is performed.


Sensfix commissioned unique, stakeholder-specific web and mobile Apps for customer’s Operations & Maintenance team. Sensfix interfaced its flagship sens-Facility suite with software systems at customer site and customer’s partner sites, to fetch lighting system’s meta data related to its manufacturing, logistics, storage, supply, distribution, delivery, installation, after-sales Support including call-center support, ticket platforms, field repair & maintenance and customer service.

Sensfix setup its business logic to analyze the predictive maintenance data coming-in from customer’s lighting systems, convert it into meaningful service actions and disseminate Repair & Maintenance schedules, analytics to all stakeholder apps in real-time.

Upon service scheduling, sensfix guided the service personnel on the ground using their mobile App to run through every step of the Repair & Maintenance lifecycle until job sign-off. In the end a repository of service data was generated by logging in every transaction and every executed service step. Analytics were run on the repository to display useful KPIs, metrics and insights to different stakeholders.

Sensfix implemented an easily scalable platform that can be quickly replicated for other OEM devices produced on the factory floor. Customer can manage operations & maintenance of lighting systems, their performance and sustainability from a single interface to deliver new experiences to end users, new insights to service technicians, and to fulfill the plant owners’ vision for setting up connected maintenance with remote-assist.